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Lots For Sale
Properties in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Village are available for Re-Sale (Sale By Owner). In addition to re-sale lots, there are still Phase 2 lots available from the developer - you can contact the Retama Village Sales Office about Phase 2 RV lots and Port Homes.

Lots available for re-sale directly from the owner are listed here. Information on lots being advertised on this website should be obtained directly from the lot owner or the agent listed. The Retama Village Sales Office does NOT handle re-sales, only new sales. In the table below, click on the address link for additional information on the lot, and for contact information. Lots for sale by the owners require that the buyer be age 55 or older. New lots for sale by the developer allow buyers to be age 45 or older.

All properties are RV Lots with a Coach House unless otherwise described. The Coach House will be 12'x20' or 12'x24' depending on the particular lot. A "Port House" is a property with a 650 sq. ft. - 1200 sq. ft. house, along with an RV port. The RV port will vary in size but they are typically 16' x 50' or larger. In some cases they can be as long a 70'+. A "House" is a single family home, typically with a courtyard or other outdoor living space and a conventional garage. They do not have RV ports or space to park an RV.

             Click on the Street Address below for additional property information.

  Street Price Owner or Agent Status
2216 Seagull 58,000 Goodman, Richard and Helen  
2220 Seagull 60,000 Bevington, Bill and Kathie  
2224 Seagull 69,900 Gee, Graeme  
2228 Seagull 59,900 Orthober, Gary and Marilyn  
3901 Lark 69,000 Tracey, Walt  
3910 Lark Drive 55,900 Bujalski, Tom  SOLD 3/2015 
3911 Lark Drive 49,500 Mayer, Jack and Danielle New enhancements to the lot!
4004 Lark Drive 52,000 Cox, Mike Listed with  Keller Williams Realty
4010 Lark Drive 50,000 Swearingen, Jerry and Martha Listed with  Keller Williams Realty
4012 Lark Drive 39,900 Gregg Gheyssen  
4014 Lark Drive 59,900 Gregg Gheyssen  
4017 Lark Drive 57,000 Thatcher, Lloyd and Sue  
4105 Lark Drive 49,500 Mayer, Jack and Danielle New enhancements to the lot!
4110 Lark Drive 59,900 Skip and Mary Shorb Listed with  Keller Williams Realty
4111 Lark Drive 44,900 Larry and Linda Moore  
2219 Osprey 68,900 Wesley, Ken and Pat Listed with  Keller Williams Realty
2223 Osprey 42,900 Scoffield, Gary and Kay Price lowered 1/2016
2225 Osprey 49,500 Savory, Les and Lucy Listed with  Keller Williams Realty
2227 Osprey 54,750 Pagel, Gayle and Harvey  
3904 Mallard 59,900 Brumfield, Jim and Hazel Listed with Keller Williams Realty
3805 Mallard 69,900 Bangma, Jim  
3908 Mallard 54,000 McCarron, David and Sue  
4002 Mallard 49,900 Ross, Irene Includes many furnishings
4109 Mallard 58,000 Veley, Jim Motivated seller; Make an offer!
3702 Pelican 85,000 Denison, Alan and Nedra  
3809 Pelican 64,900 Mcneece, Tom and  Grace Listed with Carol Kerr
3811 Pelican 65,000 Lemoine, Norm and Gigi Phase II site, SOLD
3813 Pelican 95,000 Bevington, Bill and Kathie 313-820-9406
Port House 3700 Heron 235,000 Boardman, Hank  
Port House 3702 Heron 189,900 Rozycki, Marina  
Port House 3702 Hummingbird 269,900 Brumfield, Jim and Hazel Listed with Keller Williams Realty