About Retama Village

Retama Village Driving Directions via Conway Road

The easiest way to enter Retama Village is off of Conway Rd.  Military Road has been extended along the Levee to meet Conway. It may NOT be shown on your map or GPS, but it is simple access (Google Maps does show it accurately). Any size RV can use this access method, even with a toad attached.

  • From almost anywhere in the Valley, take the 83 Expressway west. If coming down 281 from the North, take the Expressway West
  • Exit at Conway. You will travel for about a mile on the access road before getting to Conway. On the access road move to the left lane when possible, but you have considerable time to do so.
  • Turn LEFT on Conway and go under the Expressway. (Warning: if are not used to Texas access roads be very careful you do not take the “U Turn” lane which will force you back on the East-bound access lane.)
  • Follow Conway for about 1.8 miles until you see Military Parkway on your right. Caution: there have been speed traps set up on this road. Also, there is little warning that Military is coming up – the sign is right at the turn
  • Turn right on Military Parkway. Proceed up the Levee and follow it until you cross the canal. You will continue STRAIGHT. You will be proceeding between large palm trees on both sides of the road. You will see RVs and buildings on your left. This is Retama Village, but the gate is around the next corner. DO NOT enter the construction gate that you will pass.
  • Turn LEFT at the stop sign onto Bentsen Palm Drive. Retama Village is immediately on your left.

Retama Village is just before Bentsen Palm RV Village. Both are on the left side of the street. There is only one gate into Retama Village.  If you miss the entrance to Retama, drive past Bentsen Palm RV Village and there is a large parking lot just past it on the left that you can turn around in (even with a toad attached).

The Retama Village Sales Office does NOT handle re-sales, only new sales. For new sales information on Retama Village RV Lots, Port Homes, Casitas and single family homes contact the Sales Office at (956)380-6500  Extension 721

Webmaster and Rental Program Manager

Jack Mayer

  • For rental information on a particular RV lot you must contact the owner of the lot. Contact information is provided on the individual lot pages. Do not contact the Webmaster about rental properties – you must contact the property owner.
  • General questions about Retama Village can be addressed to the Webmaster or to the Sales Office.
  • Errors in the website should be reported to the Webmaster.
  • Owners wishing their lot to be included in this website should contact the Webmaster. If you are a current lot owner and wish to participate in the Rental Program you can download the Retama Village Rental Program Information document for additional information.

This website is independent of Bentsen Palm Development – it is run by, and for, the homeowners of Retama Village. It has no ties to the Developer and does not represent the Developer. Any incorrect information on the website is the sole responsibility of the website developer.

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