Retama Re-Sales

There are always a variety of properties in Retama Village that are available for Re-Sale.

In addition to re-sale lots, there are new properties available from the developer. You can contact the Retama Village Sales Office ((956)380-6500 X 721) about new properties. Property types available in the Village are described Here (click).

Lots available for re-sale are listed by Carol Kerr Welch, Real Estate Consultant, Real Estate by Welcome Home, 956-900-8487. All lots, either those handled by a professional Realtor, or lots listed For Sale By Owner, appear together. This gives you a central place to look for re-sales, either represented by a Realtor or For Sale By Owner.   Lots For Sale (click).

Information on lots being advertised on this website should be obtained directly from the lot owner or the agent listed. The Retama Village Sales Office does NOT handle re-sales, only new sales. Lots for sale by the owners require that the buyer be age 55 or older. New lots for sale by the developer allow buyers to be age 45 or older.