Retama Rentals

The best “deal” is a seasonal rental. You can leave items on the property year round, and come and go as you please.

Rentals are handled directly by the individual lot owner – please contact the lot owner with any questions about their lot. You are renting directly from the lot owner – NOT through a central rental service.

If you are not familiar with Retama Village and would like to learn more about it, check out the  Amenities  and the Property Types pages for additional information.

Clicking the Lot Availability Table link below will open a list of available rental properties in a separate page. The Table only lists properties that are for rent –  all properties for resale are listed in one place HERE (click) – that is the central place to view properties for resale.

Clicking on the Lot Address entry in the table will take you to additional information on that particular property. To see the location of a property within the Village see the (partial) Village map at the end of this section. The map lists the lot number, followed by the street number.



Lot Availability Table (click) for Fall 2022/Winter 2023

Lot Availability Table – (click) for Fall 2023/Winter 2024

How do Rentals work?

Remember: you are renting directly from the property owner – there is no central property management for the Village. This saves you money, since property owners are not paying a percentage fee for the rental service.

All lots require a minimum of a $250 reservation deposit at the time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable. It will be converted to a security deposit at occupancy. Some lots may require larger deposits.

Rental lots generally require a minimum rental period of four months if you wish to rent during the November-to-April period. Some owners, due to their own needs to use the property, may rent on a monthly basis, so feel free to contact them if you need a monthly rental.

Yearly rentals are the best value – we call these a 6/6 rental. Our yearly rentals have always been an exceptional value, to encourage rentals of this nature.

A 6/6 rental secures the lot for your exclusive use for a year. You may occupy the lot for up to six months during that period, and leave items in the Coach House or on the lot year round. You may also leave your RV on the lot when not using it, and may come and go as you please.

A 6/6 rental period can start in any month – typically they start in November and go through October of the following year. But the start date is negotiable with the individual lot owner.

All lots are exclusive of electric – you pay your own electric directly to the lot owner. Electric rates will vary among the lots, depending on individual owner contracts with the electric company, but typically range from .08-.18 cents a kilowatt hour (plus fees/taxes).