Retama Village Property Types

Retama Village is one of the four neighborhoods in the the 2,600 acre Bentsen Palm Master Planned Conservation Community. Retama Village is an RV-oriented neighborhood.

There are currently five classes of properties available in Retama Village:

  • RV Supersites with a Coach House. These lots vary in size between Phase 1 and Phase 2 properties. Phase One properties have a 12’x20′ Coach House on a 40’x80′ lot. Phase Two properties have a slightly larger lot (45’x90′) and a slightly larger Coach House (all are 12’x24′). All Coach Houses were originally sold as unfinished. Many owners have finished the interiors to include a bathroom, seating area, and washer/dryer. Covenants limit full-time occupancy of a coach house.
  • “Tiny” House. This is a 480 sq. ft. house on a minimum 45’x90′ lot. It has extended concrete patios and parking areas. This property is fully finished inside and contains a bedroom, bath, Washer/Dryer, kitchen/dining and living room. It may be occupied year round. There is uncovered RV parking next to it.
  • RV Casita properties. These properties feature RV parking next to a small residence. The RV parking is uncovered. The size of the residence is larger than the Coach Houses/Tiny Houses and is available for permanent living. Size is approximately 720 sq. ft.
  • RV Port properties. RV ports have larger houses (790-1500 sq ft.) and a covered RV parking area. The covered “port” area ranges in size up to 70′.
  • Homes. There are also conventional homes of varying styles available in the Village. They range in size from about 1050-2100 sq.ft. All have garages, but no RV parking.

Additional information on the various properties can be found on the Bentsen Palm website.